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World’s Longest Banana Split History

May 1, 1982…Selinsgrove’s 1st record-setting banana split was created

- It measured 8.007 feet spanning the length of town
- This was a fundraiser for the Selinsgrove High School Band
- Resident, Charles Benner, was chief engineer of the event



  • 1983…a group of New York high school students topped the record
  • 1985…Zeta Beta Tau sorority at Bowling Green University in Ohio topped the record with a 4mile long split


April 30, 1988…Selinsgrove’s 2nd record-setting banana split was created

- It measured 4.55 miles long and consisted of: 2,500 gallons of ice cream; 33,000 bananas; 600 pounds of chopped nuts & 450 gallons of topping
- Approximately 24,000 people attended the event
- Proceeds benefited revitalization efforts of non-profit, Selinsgrove Projects Inc
- Kelly Stoops organized this event


In 25yrs NO ONE has challenged Selinsgrove’s record



May 4, 2013…Selinsgrove will top it’s record-holding banana split

- It will measure 5 miles long and will consist of approximately: 5,000 gallons of ice cream; 500 gallons of each topping; 26,000 cherries; 700 pounds of chopped nuts & 15,000 ounces of whipped cream
- More than 26,000 people will be in attendance
- Proceeds will be raised to benefit Muscular Dystrophy of Central PA with the goal of sending 100 children to Camp Gretna Glen at no cost to their families
- It will take more than 1,600 volunteers to make this event happen
- Chris Schlieder is leading a team of 10 volunteers to organize this event

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